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Laurie Rahl

About Laurie

Laurie has loved dogs her whole life and has been working as a professional dog groomer for nearly 30 years, with over 25 of that right in Kitsap County. She graduated from Norfolk County Agricultural High School with 1800 hours of apprenticeship training as a dog groomer. Last December she refreshed her skills by studying for and taking the written and practical exams for become IPG (International Pet Groomers) certification. This April she attended 12 hours of continuing classroom education at the Northwest Groom Expo. This education included pet CPR and First Aid and workshops on pattern setting, styling and skin care.

Laurie has been a mobile groomer for the last 7 years and is truly dedicated to providing a more personal, convenient and higher quality service. She has worked in and operated grooming shops for many years and the difference in the dog’s stress level is amazing! They do not have the build up of riding in the car, no room full of other barking dogs, no crates and waiting in line. The typical appointment with Laurie is less than an hour and a half. Mobile grooming is very convenient for busy people as well. After the first visit you don’t even have to be home!

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